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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  November 16, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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captioned by media access group at wgbh fox 5 news. the murder of chandra levy a mystery that captivated the country. tonight the fate of the man charged with her death into the hands of a jury. good evening, everyone. i'm brian bolter. >> and i'm shawn yancy. just hours from now that jury will begin deliberating to decide if ingmar guandique murdered chandra levy in rock creek park nine years ago. today both sides got one last chance to make their face. fox 5's matt ackland was there. >> the judge told the jurors to
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be back in court at 9:30 monday morning. keep in mind there is no dna connecting the suspects, no eyewitnesses, so jurors will have to rely on other evidence presented. in closing arguments prosecutors reminded the jury of the two a knack rock creek park ingmar guandique has already been -- attacks in rock creek park ingmar guandique has already been convicted of. there was an inmate who said he heard guandique confess to chandra levy's murder. prosecutor amanda haines told the jury if prison has worked for one person, it's worked for armando morales, a good samaritan justo do something good. morales corroborates the story. there was also a lot of talk about dna or lack thereof. fox 5's paul wagner has covered the trial from day 1. >> reporter: they've focused pretty much on what is very important in this trial, a, this unknown dna on chandra
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levy's tights that does not belong to ingmar guandique or gary condit and the testimony of armando morales, the inmate who was in a cell with ingmar guandique back in 2006 and morales says that guandique had confessed to him. the prosecution hit that hard. so did the defense. >> reporter: today defense attorneys basically said the wrong man is on trial. defense attorneys said the government's case was fiction, that what you just heard from the government, it's not proof beyond a reasonable doubt. tomorrow morning the jury will have to take arguments from both sides. witness testimony and evidence from an investigation that has lasted almost a decade. >> all they have to do is consider two counts of murder in this case. that's really all they're concentrating on at this point. what's going to take some time for them is to go through some of the exhibits. i'm sure they argue over this unknown dna. they'll argue over morales. probably going to be a very spirited discussion.
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>> now matt ackland joins us. what was the mood in the court room? i understand one of the attorneys even appeared to get upset today? >> yeah it, did appear towards the end. i want to show you a sketch drawn today. that is prosecutor a manned haynes. she got upset towards the end -- amanda haines. she got upset towards the end holding up a picture of chandra levy. her voice was cracking. she said justice is what needs to happen. chandra has been waiting for nine years. everything is expected to get underway at 9:30 tomorrow morning. you know we'll be there. >> our own paul wagner is blogging about the case from inside the courtroom. you can follow his updates from click on the chandra levy tab. now to our other big story, stunning new developments in the widening corruption scandal in prince george's county. four of the nine suspects arrested yesterday were in court today. during the hearings prosecutors revealed details on those wiretaps to show evidence of bribes, money laundering and an immigrant smuggling operation. fox 5's wisdom martin live in
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our newsroom with the details on that. >> two of the big players in this case are the owners of tick tock liquors. amrik melhi and his wife. they appeared in court today as prosecutors talked about the wiretap that revealed information about the corruption of public officials. in court today the investigation centered around the $2.3 million home of amrik melhi and his wife ravined. federal investigators say they found 4 -- ravinder. federal investigators say they found $400,000 in cash stashed in a closet in their house, melhi was accused of smuggling liquor and cigarettes out of their liquor store tick tock liquors. wiretaps led to the arrest of county executive jack johnson and his wife leslie. prosecutors say intercepted wiretaps recorded melhi and public officials discussing getting certain acts done and paying those public officials to get those acts done related to his business. gabriel christian, mrs. melhi's attorney, was asked if the couple was being squeezed by
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public officials for money. >> that's the government's allegation. an allegation is exactly that. it has to be proved, but, of course, that's the direction the government's case seems to be taking, that there was, in fact, extortion and bribes. >> reporter: the attorney was also asked about the relationship between the family and jack johnson. >> mr. johnson is the county executive and the melhis are major business people. >> reporter: records show the company did donate to johnson's campaign. in a hearing to keep the couple behind bars, prosecutors say the melhis are also caught on wiretap discussing the movement of millions and millions of dollars from the u.s. into india and smuggling cash hidden on family members traveling back and forth, something known as smur f-ing. now the judge ordered mr. and mrs. melhi to be detained pending trial saying they are flight risks. prosecutors are still searching for other assets the couple may have. they believe the couple has laundered so much cash that not all the assets have been
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accounted for at this time. last night we invited the incoming prince george's county executive rushern baker to join us here to answer some of your questions and he agreed. mr. baker, thanks for coming in. right off the bat, how do you as the county executive elect respond to this growing corruption scandal in prince george's county? >> i think the only way that i can respond as the incoming county executive is to be focused on the job of, you know, what the citizens expect me to do and that is make sure we have quality healthcare, make sure our schools are taken care of, make sure we provide a tax base. in addition, they want to make sure this government will work on december 6th and that's what i'm going to do. with the justice system playing out, whatever is going to happen to the johnsons is going to happen. people want to know that their government is ready to work tomorrow 6th and that's what i want to reassure them. >> indeed they do. we want to play video from last night so you can sort of explain in your words why this situation happened. let's take a look at that
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video. >> are you embarrassed by this, sir, for the county? are you at all embarrassed by this? are you embarrassed for this? why not take a moment tonight, sir? why not take a moment? >> okay. so this was last night after you had a press conference where you read from a prepared statement. >> that's right. >> many people are asking how come you didn't just stop and respond to some of the reporters' questions about how the county plans to handle pay for play and the corruption scandal? >> one of the things is i think it's important as the incoming county executive that i make a statement about what's been going on. i've been out of town the last four days in atlanta, georgia, meeting with the mayor of atlanta, meeting with the county executives talking about issues that i think will help prince george's county move forward. so i had just gotten off a plane with my wife.
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i thought it was important before i do anything else publicly in prince george's county that we hold a press conference. >> no one had told you yet about the scandal? were you aware that there was such a scandal involving jack johnson? >> clearly aware of the scandal, which is why as soon as i got off the plane i came to the press conference and brought those folks with me, but i knew i'd have an opportunity to talk to reporters like yourself during not only the upcoming week but for the next four years. >> let me ask you quickly, the county is stunned. people are taking this personally right now. in light of the scandal the negative perception this is putting on the county do, you think that at this point jack johnson should step down and let you come in and take over the reins? >> i think whatever is going to happen in the justice department is going to happen. i think what people expect is what's going to happen the next three weeks with this administration that's coming in, the baker administration, i want people to know that our transition team is prepared. we're working, that we're focused on the future. the other thing i think is important is that we're talking about scandals right now, but if you'll remember, what we
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started my campaign in january, we talked about ethics reform, about coming in and dealing with the perception of prince george's county. >> right. >> so i want people to be very clear that we are prepared to move this government forward. >> with all due respect a lot of people are saying what you're giving now is the standard political answer. people are asking specifics, what do you specifically plan to do to get rid of this negative image and make sure that this sort of thing doesn't happen again in prince george's county? >> i think you can't -- it didn't start on friday of this past week. what we started doing addressing this issue was in january. the type of campaign that it i ran and the things that i said we were -- that i ran and the things that i said we were going to do. we talked about bringing in an inspector general. we talked about the ethics reform we put in annapolis. those things didn't start on friday, but what we did do is make sure that the men and women that were going to serve that, we looked through and put the best people in there, i think that's what you do to
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start bringing the perception of prince george's county where it should be. >> leslie johnson right now speaking of perception also arrested friday. she is said to be sworn in on the 6th just like you as a council member do. you think she should be and if she is, won't that also continue this negative perception of the county? >> no. i think what people expect is what we're going to do. we'll have obstacles as we go forward. what people of prince george's county expect is how do we deal with those obstacles and make sure we have the best people in there, that the county is moving forward, addressing the needs of the citizens and that's what i plan to do as county executive. coming on shows like this to reassure voters that, you know, reassure citizens of prince george's county that we're prepared to govern on december 6th is what i plan to do throughout the next three weeks and on december 6th lay out my vision for prince george's county and how we create jobs, how we get a better school system. that's what people expect. >> all right. so thank you for coming in. we appreciate it. of course, we'd like you to
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come back so we can continue this dialogue because there are so many people out this right now, the people of your county, that have a lot of questions and i don't feel like they're getting all those answers right now. >> be glad to come back any time. >> thanks so much for coming in tonight. new tonight reaction to a gruesome discovery along the highway in frederick, maryland. state highway workers discovered a body inside a box along i-70 this morning. fox 5's bob barnard just back from frederick joins us now live with details. >> depending on how long the body had been there, brian, perhaps tens of thousands of people had driven past it not knowing an party murder victim was just a matter of feet from their passenger side windows. this discovery was made along the westbound lanes of interstate 70 west of frederick right next to mile marker 48 near braddock mountain. that state highway maintenance crew found the body in the box around 9:45 this morning in a wooded roadside embankment. maryland state police are not telling us whether the victim
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was a man or a woman. >> the box that the working road crew came across was a cardboard box large enough to hold the body of a full grown adult. at this point we are not releasing any information regarding the contents of the box in terms of the gender of the individual, the ethnic background, or identification because we just don't know right now, particularly the identification. that's something that will come out in the results of the autopsy. >> elana russo says state police homicide investigators are hoping that autopsy will tell them how the victim died. she says they should get some answers tomorrow. >> i know it's a highway. did you get any sense how they're feeling out there along that roadway? >> certainly we went to a rest stop not far from the crime scene. truckers and others we spoke to say finding the body of an apparent murder victim stuffed in a cardboard box along the side of a highway is eerie and unsettling.
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>> just unnerving when somebody loses their life and you don't know the circumstances. it has to be some type of foul play involved. you don't just die and end up in a box. it's always disturbing to hear something like that. >> maryland state police are reaching out to other police agencies in this part of the country checking to see whether any missing person cases could be solved by this gruesome mystery. >> a story we know you'll be following. thanks. some people use social media to connect with friend, but a brand-new trend could be putting you and your family at risk revealing your every move all day long, the dark side of gps-based social media is coming up next. >> we still have a little more rain and maybe thunderstorms to get through, a tornado watch posted. that's what you see there in the redbox for central virginia until 4 a.m. those storms are moving to the north. it's very warm, getting windier. are we going to see more storms tonight? i'll have that full forecast coming up a bit later on fox 5 news at 10:00. s
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social media is connecting hundreds of millions of people across cities, across countries, across associations and now new technology is allowing people to track each
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other in realtime. some safety experts say that might mean risks you haven't thought about. fox 5's laura evans joins us now with more. >> brian, places, four square are some of the names of them. this is four square right here. these sites are gps-based social networking sites. they're popping up all the time and all these sites are pushing the boundaries of technology and social media as we know it and it's allowing users to show other people where they are at any moment of the day. it's noon on thursday. sarah cohen is at her job in downtown d.c. she days to take a break and check -- decides to take a break and check out a nearby cookout, but long lines force her to go across the street. she ends up eating at capital city brewery with a friend and doesn't know we're watching her. like millions of people, sarah is using a new technology, gps- based social media where she's able to check into different locations with her cell phone.
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>> it's actually positioning those individuals right where they are at all times. >> reporter: to show just how easy it is to track people like sarah, we team up with security contractors john paul bouchet. >> been about an hour since she logged in here, probably still at this location and we could probably go there and meet her right now. >> reporter: sarah is also in on it, but she doesn't know when or where we'll show up. >> not otell you where they are, but on a map it particularly locates it. >> reporter: this technology is catching on. facebook places, gowala and four square to name a few. many people use it for fun looking to connect with friends or be in the know on popular places. others use it for business to find out who you should be connecting with. however, some of these applications like places take it one step further. >> now you have one stop, the people, the recommendations, likes, dislikes and their specific location of where they are and where they plan to go all in one place. >> reporter: and privacy experts say you need to realize what you might be giving up.
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>> all of that information about what you're doing, all tying together so seamlessly unfortunately now that it makes it very easy for that information to be used against you or to your family. >> reporter: ron prater, a security contractor has no idea we're tracking his every move on this day. around lunchtime we check his facebook page and find him eating at the corner bakery. ron, we found you. >> you did find me. >> reporter: then follow him to a nearby hotel where he's about to go into a meeting. >> i didn't know you guys were following at all of. >> reporter: ron says he uses places so friends can keep up with him and to efficiently organize meetings with co- workers. >> you know you're posting exactly where you are? >> i didn't expect a stranger to walk up and say hi, i know you're here. >> reporter: sarah cohen isn't expecting us either. we actually sit next to her as she eats, but after lunch we finally come clean. >> it's definitely scary to think that people really can figure out where you are based
10:20 pm
off this. >> reporter: to protect yourself uchet says use these apps sparingly -- bouchet says use these apps sparingly and make sure your friend aren't checking you in without your consent. >> you can't just consider what it means to you. you have to consider to what it mean tornadoes that you're with and everybody that's connected to -- to everybody that you're with and everybody that is connected to you. >> reporter: facebook recently added incentives. if you use places, you can actually get discounts if you check in with certain retailers or restaurants, for example. we want to talk more about this technology and the dangers. we brought in terrance whitehead, a security expert. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> does it surprise you that so many people use this technology despite the dangers? >> no, ma'am, not at all. it's so easy. we have a natural tendency to want to be social and there are games involved with it and people want to be competitive plus the incentives, the free stuff and discounts. >> where is this technology going? how will we be using our mobile
10:21 pm
devices as, for example, a wallet? >> well, exactly. as we alluded to before, these incentives at vendors, let's say starbucks. now we're looking at a situation where they want to replace your wallet so you can use the phone. you can just go up to vandy and say i want to purchase this without using -- a vendor and say i want to purchase this without using a wallet. >> reporter: how about in your car or at home with your entertainment system? >> at this situation it's a match and purchase with a song or a movie on your home or going out to your car without doing anything and that media has been synced up to your car or phone. you don't have to do anything. your phone is now the hub of your home entertainment. >> reporter: but there are definitely dangers surrounding this gps based social networking? >> absolutely. the key people have to remember is the value is not in your privacy. the value is in your information, your whereabouts. that's what people want to know. that's what the companies are paying for. >> reporter: thanks very much. shawn, back to you. prince george's county has made lots of headlines the past
10:22 pm
few days, but tonight we're focusing on the middle school bringing kids together to sing their hearts out and of you're about to get a live performance. fox 5's will thomas is in new carrollton won't tonight with all the kids. >> reporter: we're -- school tonight with all the kids. >> reporter: we're in school tonight. our 8th graders are standing by ready to give you a taste of one of their new songs. they're part of a singing group at school put together by this man who saw a real need. this school is pretty much split african american, hispanic and the kids sort of tend to separate, do their own things, but they are coming together through music. >> let's go with the chorus. one, two, three. [ singing ] >> reporter: william clay spends a lot of time at charles middle school. by day he's a counselor. at night he's a choir director
10:23 pm
of sorts. >> the glee club where you come up with an idea or concept of turning into society today to put together a song. >> reporter: the songs they sing have a political undertone. charles carroll middle school is a title one school. 70% of the student body live at or below poverty level. they recently tackled the passage of the healthcare bill. 8th grader girardo says he and his family have lived through the hardship of not having insurance. >> six years ago i had a severe asthma attack that almost killed me. it took us a while to pay off the hospital bills. >> reporter: the students also create videos for their songs and post them on youtube. this one focused on the life of supreme court justice sonia sotomayor. mr. clay sent it to the high court and heard back. >> i was sitting at home and i read the e-mail and i was like i saw united states supreme court and i thought about it. so i read it and it said she
10:24 pm
was more than happy to come visit charles carroll middle school. >> reporter: the justice visited the school back in april. >> it just felt like to me that anything was possible. >> when she came, he told us, i was like oh, my goodness, she's coming. everybody was screaming. >> reporter: they were excited. now they're tackling the issue of bullying, an issue on this campus just like schools across country. they'll perform about 45 seconds for you. the key line in this song is this. we're breaking down the bullies today, so let's get serious, no time to play. hit it, guys. ♪[ music ] ♪go carroll ♪ go fun ♪ go carroll ♪ go carroll ♪ ♪ let us go hand in hand not just in school but across the land ♪ we're breaking down the bullies today ♪ so
10:25 pm
let's get serious no time to play ♪ you know what's wrong and what is right ♪ no time for playing ♪ let's make it right ♪ don't take a chance ♪ put out your hand and walk away ♪ they're back ♪ they're back ♪ they're back ♪ >> reporter: okay. you heard it, they are breaking down the bullying, guys. thank you, awesome job. we'll put their final music individual crow because they are going to shoot one along -- video because they are going to shoot one along with our story and all the links. what's it called? >> circle of hope. >> reporter: all right. they make those videos possible on youtube. shawn, back to you. sound good, don't they? >> they were fabulous. >> reporter: she says she loved it. >> thank you. >> thank you, will. he risked his life rescuing fellow soldiers while coming under enemy fire, even pulling one to safety who was being dragged away by the enemy. we'll introduce you to the first living medal of honor recipient in 40 years next.
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welcome back. we're in the newsroom with a look at some of the other stories we're watching tonight. it hasn't happened in decades, a 25-year-old man from iowa is now the first living service member since the vietnam war to receive the medal of honor. president obama presented the award to staff sergeant salvatore giunta today at the white house. giunta was serving in afghanistan in 2007 when the taliban ambushed his rifle team. giunta took charge in a desperate situation. >> i'm going to go off script here for a second and just say i really like this guy. [ laughter ] [ applause ] [ cheering and applause ] >> i think anybody -- we all just get a sense of people and
10:30 pm
who they are and when you meet sal and you meet his family, you are just absolutely convinced that this is what america is all about. >> giunta rescued a wounded soldier who was briefly captured by the taliban. he also got medical help and called in a helicopter. that soldier later died but giunta's commanders say his actions were nothing short of heroic. he was once one of the most powerful men in congress, but tonight charles rangel stands convicted of multiple ethics violations. a house ethics panel today found rangel guilty of 11 counts of violating house rules, among those not paying taxes on income he made from property in the dominican republic. the panel will decide rangel's punishment which could range from censure to reprimand. three years after prince williams county put its controversial immigration policy into place a new study shows it's working. the policy requires police to check the immigration status of anyone arrested in the county. a university of virginia study
10:31 pm
found 99% of suspected undocumented immigrants were confirmed to be in the country illegally. the report also found the rates of some crimes have fallen since the policy was implemented but overall crime is not down. that's a look at some of today's other headlines. brian, back up to you. the redskins got smoked last night just hours after announcing a multi-million dollar deal with donovan mcnabb, but that was $40 million guaranteed report really accurate? we'll break it down plus the game next. ananiges ♪
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redskins fans are still reeling over the pain from last night's blowout loss against the philadelphia eagles just hours after donovan mcnabb's million dollar contract was announced. fox 5's sports director dave feldman joins us with some insight on both those topics. >> some new news today. sadly it doesn't change the outcome from last night, but it does affect the financial future of donovan mcnabb and
10:35 pm
the redskins who will discuss the new contracts and details in a moment, but first the embarrassment that the entire nation saw last night. the eagles behind michael vick unleashed an offensive assault that stunned the redskins. philly scored 45 points in the 1st half, a franchise record and tying the skins record for most points allowed in the half. philly racked up a team record 592 yards in the 59-28 game. donovan mcnabb passed for 295 yards. he also threw three interceptions. it's not much fun being on the losing side of a blowout. >> when these games do happen, you're not very proud, very embarrassed as an organization, our players, our football team and hopefully we'll respond accordingly. >> to discuss the debacle at fedex i'm joined by kevin sheehan of espn980 and doc walker of espn 980 and the fox 5 pregame show.
10:36 pm
kevin, they're down 35-0. one play into the 2nd quarter, not the best way to come off 14 days off, 15 days off and a bye week in front of everybody. >> they got as doc said this morning on radio, they got vicked in that first quarter and a half. it was one of the most dominant performances by a quarterback i think anybody has ever seen and you can put some of the blame on the redskins, but for my money, i think philadelphia was just flawless and i think they would have beaten every team in the league last night, maybe not 59-28, but they would have beaten them 40 to something. >> but, doc, this is a game of preparing and you know. when you have two weeks to prepare for somebody, that's a huge advantage, right? isn't it supposed to be a big time advantage when you've got a week off to prepare? >> well, dave, you know because you're a big fan of college football, we've had teams that have had 50 days off and have been trounced in the game for national championship. you could take the whole offseason off and not have been prepared to deal for what i saw in mike vick. >> there's no question michael
10:37 pm
vick was a star, but defensively, doc, first of all, d'angelo hall and landry get into it with desean jackson before the game. if you're going to do that, you might want to back it up, which they didn't do. >> look at it from this standpoint. suppose they were baited into it. suppose andy reid had thought this thing out so well that he said let's get under laron's skin. then we'll go right at him because laron is a hair trigger guy. he's a hit man. he's going to come after you. i think they baited him, came right out and ran by him, beautiful throw, good catch, execution. let's face it. the eagles who had been beaten earlier in philadelphia came out with a plan that we can't run over you, we'll run around you and they just had more athleticism and a quarterback that might have had the best single performance of the season. >> doc, if they baited him, landry took the bait and they reeled him in on the first play of the game. it wasn't very smart regardless of who baited whom in that particular situation. you don't get a guy that runs
10:38 pm
4.2 40 with a quarterback that runs 4.2, also. probably wasn't smart on landry's part. >> we would unanimously agree mr. sheehan is the cappologist of this group. >> without the media guy i'm the behind the scenes guy. >> we hear reports, kevin that, this contract is 40 million guaranteed for mcnabb. everyone is feeling great. they get killed on monday night and today now we're hearing okay, 3.5 million is guaranteed. so don't go nuts. it's just 3.5 million guaranteed and they can still cut him at the end of the season and that would be all they owed him or if they resign him, then he's getting 10 million plus more is. that how it comes out? >> you just explained it perfectly, but practically speaking the redskins basically paid 3 1/2 million dollars to control his rights. they could have franchised him at the end of the year, but this gives them options. it actually is a good deal for
10:39 pm
both parties because mcnabb gets some of the money that he would have gotten had he gotten franchised up front. from a practical standpoint and we have donovan mcnabb on the show -- we do his show tuesday at noon on espn 980 -- he said he's going to be here next year assuming there's a season next year. donovan mcnabb, i would put the odds at 95% that he will be here next year as long as he's healthy. it's beyond next year that becomes very questionable. >> i would put 90% that he's not here for five years. >> no. that won't happen. >> in fact, it's probably a rest of this year and one year beyond it sort of a deal and unless he plays really well next year, if there is a next year, and sort of resuscitates his career and has a great year and they have a great year, it could be a third year on top of that, but right now i think you're assured of the rest of this year and next season if that's next year or the year beyond, after that. >> doc, does it mean everything is copy settic with kyle
10:40 pm
shanahan -- is copacetic with kyle shanahan and mcnabb now? >> i don't think. so i think the problems will continue to exist until they work through it and have results on the field. the only way they can come together is if they have success on the field because whatever this is, i think it's a by-product of frustration of not succeeding. i don't necessarily know there's any gripes between the two guys. i think they're highly competitive and want to win. kyle had a lot of success last year in houston. mcnabb has had a lifetime of success. i think they just want to be on the same page. >> kevin, there was a 3rd quarter touchdown by the eagles. albert haynesworth after falling on the ground stayed on the ground. did he give up? should he be ripped for it? was he injured? >> doc's convinced he was injured, but if you weren't injured, that's really despicable. that's a quitting play and i'd be very surprised if they weren't infuriated looking at the video out at the park today. what to do about it?
10:41 pm
who knows. they're probably not going to release him, certainly not this week with tennessee looming and you would expect he'd be motivated to play that game on sunday, but that's part and parcel to what we've gotten with haynesworth at times. he's a terrific talent. they don't have anybody that approaches his talent level on that defensive front, but lying down for eight seconds on a play where vick was scrambling inside and outside the pocket was a quitting play in my opinion anyway. >> doc, i'll give you the last word. you think he might have been injured? >> that's all i could think. i saw the play and it wasn't indicative of how he had performed throughout the evening. i'll have to wait to hear from him. it looked bad. >> doc walker, kevin sheehan of espn 980, thanks, guys. >> thanks, feldy. from the gridiron now to the ice rink, capital star alexander ovechkin has a brand- new dvd called alex ovechkin
10:42 pm
the great 8 chronicling ovechkin's rise from russia to one of the best players in the national hockey league. ovie stopped by fox 5 this morning to talk about how his family's love molded him into the hockey player he is today. >> my dad supported me all the time. my dad quit his job and he was the guy who followed me all the time. so it's kind of like what i like to do and some people want to be football players, soccer player, race car driver, but i want to be a hockey star and hockey player. >> ovechkin says he's humbled by the fan support he received here in washington. you can watch ovie's full interview on our website. log onto it is the story that has the whole world buzzing, a royal wedding years in the making and yes, he has princess diana's ring. hear from prince william and his new fiancee next. 
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the world is buzzing tonight about the big news from britain's royal family. prince williams and long time girl friend kate middleton are engaged. the prince proposed last month and gave middleton the engagement ring once worn by his late mother, princess diana. >> it was back three weeks ago. we had a little private time away together with some friends and i just decided that it was the right time really and we've been talking about marriage for a while. so it wasn't massively a big surprise, but i took her out somewhere nice in kenya and proposed. >> we were out there and i really didn't think that was it. i thought he maybe thought about it, but it was a total shock when it came and very
10:47 pm
excited. >> compact the royal wedding sometime next year. we're down here in the fox 5 web center now that glee is over with sarah frazier, you were on the chat tonight on what were people talking about tonight? >> it was all gwyneth all night and it was a great night for glee because it was kind of a return to fun and tonight was great. the match-up at the end was umbrella and, of course, singing in the rain is what everyone was talking about, but gwyneth paltrow absolutely killed it tonight and so much fun. a lot of you chatting. tons of tweets tonight. joe sway was an interesting person because what's great about glee is it really does take so many modern songs that we know but also throwbacks. there was a chicago number in there, so a lot of younger people are learning some great old songs, singing in the rain. that's great to bring that stuff in. >> reporter: what were people
10:48 pm
saying about gwen's performance? >> people loved her as a substitute. people were saying how much they loved her body. that's what you get with trainers. no one feeds you, unlike us we have to feed ourself. >> reporter: speaking of us we have to work and sarah, you're out of here now to get ready for early morning tomorrow. >> early morning. so the show starts tomorrow at 5:30 and at 6:30 tomorrow we'll be talking glee chat, doing a bit of a recap and we'll be playing all the songs from tonight's episode on tomorrow's show at 6:30. >> reporter: if you want to log onto, the chat will continue with the next episode of glee. sarah, thank you. brian, back up to you. tonight at 11:00 the daily commute of a local high ranking official 160 miles round trip, all done on the taxpayer's dime, not everyone happy about it. we'll go to city leaders for answers in an exclusive news edge investigation.
10:49 pm
plus the cartoon based on the jack johnson corruption scandal, how accurate is it? we'll take a look at the taiwanese cgi at 11:00. ♪
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the wind is blowing you assure us. >> yes. it has already started. hold onto your hair piece tomorrow because it's going to be all over the place. winter are gusting to -- winds are gusting to 30. you can see our cameras jumping a bit in the live shot but beyond the wind we still have to get through some gusty showers and potential thunderstorms tonight still coming. we had a lot of rain earlier today and it was quite a wide range anywhere from 1/3-inch to an inch in many areas, but our first stop tonight is radar. i want you to see that while not everybody is seeing showers right now, there are some lines, skinny bands kind of packed with good gusty winds and heavy downpours beginning to show some lightning. we'll get in closer here so you can see these are moving from
10:53 pm
south to north. so just west of culpeper, east of front royal, lightning growing. these are all kind of expanding in the last hour or so and then another line running up from south to north on the west side of interstate 81. over to vipir, i want you so to see the bigger picture. all of it is moving to the north and this redbox is a tornado watch it. goes until 4:00 in the morning for -- watch. it goes until 4:00 in the morning for central virginia. some of those storm lines associated with what's going on down there are also going to be moving in. then we have severe thunderstorm warnings within that, so quite a strong line between charlottesville and lynchburg also moving north. the best chance of a rumble of thunder tonight is just south of d.c. that's where the severe risk is tonight and that will include isolated tornadoes and gusty winds that could bring down trees. i was looking at some of the storm reports tonight, most of the damage is coming from north carolina into central virginia and it is in the form of winds that are strong enough to take
10:54 pm
those trees down tonight. it is also really mild. it's going to stay mild overnight, 63 degrees in the district. we won't be very cold, but again those gusts have already started to 26 now in the district, but will easily gust to 30 overnight and during the day tomorrow. dulles is getting a gust of 25, manassas at 22. now wind advisories have been posted tonight and tomorrow because we will see especially to our west an elevation base. winds could gust as high as 50 miles an hour. so in other words, the higher up you live, the stronger the winds will be, but even though we aren't in the advisory all the way up to pennsylvania down the north carolina, even though the metro area is not quite in that advisory, still expect gusts to 30 miles an hour. what's going on with all this crazy weather? we've got a very powerful area of low pressuover the ohio valley. you can see the spin here where the low is. warm front is coming through tonight inspiring a few showers and stronger storms we're
10:55 pm
worried about. there's the tornado watch, but this whole front has to come through to not and that's why we think there's still another round of showers and maybe some thunderstorms to go with those gusty winds. at 10:00, watching those lines coming up, pausing this at 1:00 in the morning because that's when we might get our last line going through and it's sunshine to greet you for your morning commute, need the sunglasses. the wind will be an issue, a couple wet snowflakes for the morning want going into thursday it's a bit of a -- morning. going into thursday it's a bit of a cloud cover mix, maybe a spotty shower, but lots of sunshine tomorrow and the clouds build back in for us thursday. so your forecast tonight, steady if not rising temperatures, showers and a few thunderstorms. we'll probably drop to 57 and may not even get there and tomorrow a gusty day, dry and sunny, 64 degrees. here's your five-day forecast. i'll tell you what. we raked so much on monday and we've got to do it all over again tomorrow, although perhaps those strong west winds will blow them to somebody
10:56 pm
else's yard. 58 for thursday, friday, saturday and sdalots of sunshine, moderate temperatures back to about 60 degrees and yes, next week is thanksgiving, hard to believe. >> seems to early. thank you. hd, plasma, lcd, how do you know which is best for you? we have some expert on choosing some of the best buys for the holiday season coming up next. today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers. , h
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